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Registering with Sacem

The music you create belongs to you! This means that when it is played on the radio, on the internet, or in clubs, you are entitled to receive royalties, for which you have to be registered with a rights management company, such as SACEM.


You receive royalties when your compositions are broadcast on the radio, played on the internet or in clubs, and when you play them as part of a set in public performances.

There are two conditions:

  • You must be registered with SACEM (or an international collective management organisation) and register your works with . It.

  • You must notify SACEM when your works are performed.

Registering with Sacem
Why register with SACEM?

There are at least two good reasons:

  1. to protect your creative interests

  2. to receive payment due from the use of your works

This applies to all of your creations as either sole composer or co-composer, whenever they are performed or broadcast in concerts or shows, on television or the internet, or reproduced on multimedia platforms, including digital files.

If you play your compositions live

You receive royalties for the works you have registered. In this case, you should send SACEM a "Broadcast Statement - electronic music".

If you play remixes live

You receive royalties, as do the original creators of the work. In this case too you should send SACEM a "Broadcast Statement - Electronic Music".

Why register with SACEM?
Registering with SACEM

To join SACEM, you must:

  • Have composed at least 5 titles
  • Prove that at least one of these titles has been used:
    • by attaching broadcast certificates to your application for admission, supplied at your request by concert organisers, clubs, radio station managers, etc., who have broadcast your works at least five times on five separate occasions, over a period of more than six months.
    • or by attaching a recording of at least one commercially available work on CD, vinyl or other medium.
  • When registering a work, please provide a recording of it, together with any lyrics.


Download the application forms from


Once these formalities have been completed, your application is passed on to the Board of Directors for a ruling on your application. You become a member of SACEM when you sign the Deed of Accession and pay the €154 admission fee (which you will be asked to pay only when your application has been accepted).

Your membership card will be forwarded to you. The whole process takes between two weeks and one month after all the documents are received.


When you join SACEM:

  • You hand over to the society the right to authorise or prohibit the use or public performance (television, radio, concerts, shows etc.) and reproduction (CD, vinyl, video etc.) of your works.
  • You can choose the countries where you wish SACEM to represent you: the whole world or specific countries.
  • You also retain all your moral rights: no arrangement or adaptation of your works can be registered without your consent.


Once you are a member, registering your works is free and there is no limit on the number you can submit.


As a member of SACEM you also have access to financial assistance for your creations, support through SACEM's social schemes, and advice on health insurance and retirement.

Registering with SACEM