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You want to Manage your author's rights

Your creations are your intellectual property and they generate authors' rights with fair remuneration for their use. However, in order to benefit from this revenue you need to register your work, and all the necessary filing and reporting procedures must be followed.

Finding the publisher of an existing work

How do you know if a song you want to use, for example for a remix, is in SACEM's repertoire?


You can search for works in the Sacem repertoire at

Searches can be carried out by title, creator and performer. If you cannot find the work you’re looking for, you should contact Sacem by email at  societaires@sacem fr or by phone : +33 1 47 15 47 15. 



When you have identified the work, you should contact the author or his/her rightholders. Members' contact details are confidential, but contact details for publishers are in the public domain, and can be found at “Repertoire of Works” website.


Finding the publisher of an existing work



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