You are Artist

You want to Manage your author's rights

Your creations are your intellectual property and they generate authors' rights with fair remuneration for their use. However, in order to benefit from this revenue you need to register your work, and all the necessary filing and reporting procedures must be followed.

Registering a set

Once you've registered your works with SACEM, you must also submit your set to claim royalties.


There are two ways of doing this: via the online registration in your member account, and automatic tracking system, for clubs that have the requisite technology. In the latter case, you no longer have to submit anything in order to collect your royalties! (As long as the works are already registered).

Registering a set
Identification of works

Identifying works played in clubs:

SACEM uses a service provider to take a survey of music played in a sample of clubs drawn up by a polling organisation, which takes into account the different kinds of music repertoire used in nightclub venues in France.


Identification of works played at festivals, concerts, etc.

In order to collect and distribute your rights, Sacem requires:

  • the setlist of the works performed
  • the date and location of your events


Registration can be done online in your member account in two steps:

1. you create your setlist by selecting the works performed in our search engine
2. you match one or several events with your setlist.


Assimilated to arrangers, DJ composers receive a share of the royalties from the artists’ works they played during their set, in addition to the rights received for the works of which they are the author.

Tracking: in 2018

In addition to the set list, SACEM is setting up a new tracking system, which is being rolled out gradually in venues that have the technology and who have chosen to implement it.

To simplify things for the artists and make the identification of electronic music played in clubs and festivals more efficient, SACEM are planning to use a service provider to supply them with an exhaustive list of titles played.

The biggest clubs and festivals specialising in electronic music will be included (a list of these venues will be available on the SACEM site).

The advantage for DJs is that they will not need to declare anything at all, no “programme jaune” or standard programme (list of works played, see below) when performing at these venues or festivals.

Identification of works



  • ADAMI, for performers, including DJs